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Virtuosi World Tour

Germany -Bach/Vivaldi Concerto
France - Bozza Scherzo,  Ibert 3 pieces
Denmark - Nielsen Quintet

Italy - Renaissance Dances
Czech - Reicha Quintet
UK - Arnold Three Shanties

Through The Centuries

16th -Renaissance Suites arr. Ronnie Roseman
18th - Rameau Gavotte
18th -Haydn- Menuet 
Mozart - Presto

18th - Beethoven Quintet
Late 19th - Reicha or Cambini
Early 20th - Zemlinsky Humoresque

20th - Carter Quintet
Lahti Woodwind Quintet

Old Favorites

Haydn - Divertimenti
Rameau - Suite in G
Running -Aria and Quodlibet

Bach/Vivaldi - Concerto
Milhaud or Reicha or Hindemith or Danzi
Gershwin Preludes or Joplin Rags

Quintet In Nature

Persichetti - Pastorale
Jersild - Music Making in the Forest
Barber - Summer Music

Phibbs - Medley of American Music
Beethoven - Quintet opus 71
Pierne -Pastorale

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